« There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature ... »
Antonio Gaudi 


For almost a decade, Joshua Rosenau (born in Berlin) has been devoted to abstract art, channeling his creative energy in his atelier located in Hamburg. There, he combines epoxy resin with various materials and employs specialized casting techniques to create captivating and unparalleled artworks. These works are distinguished by the sense of depth generated by the hardened layers of resin, which unfolds into a three-dimensional experience when viewed directly under different lighting conditions.

Nature as the most significant source of inspiration, especially from the bird‘s eye view, Joshua Rosenau completes the unique effects of the interplay of different elements. Each collection is inspired by different dimensions of the earth and the universe, as well as the emotions that arise during the contemplation and creation process. The variety of colors and textures is a unique expression of Joshua Rosenau‘s perspective and understanding of naturally formed synergies. His artworks open up a new perspective for the viewer, where they have the opportunity to transcend the boundaries of reality and immerse themselves in a specially constructed visual experience.


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